Masthead Safety


At Peña Construction, knowing the potential for accidents and injuries in our line of work has made health and safety our top priority on all our jobs. Our Safety program was developed and maintained with up-to-date safety training, hazard awareness, material handling and jobsite safety inspections. The Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) are provided to all our employees. All our project managers and general superintendents are fully trained and have been certified in First Aid & CPR and OSHA 30 Hour training.

We take a number of steps to safeguard the health and safety of all workers at our jobsites. Our planning of the job, the methods and equipment used and the steps needed to perform the job safely are all taken into consideration and put into effect. We know that the planning stage is just as important as the actual job itself, and work carefully to ensure that all aspects of the job are successful.


For our demolition work, we conduct a thorough engineering survey of the structure to determine the condition of the framing, floors and walls to make sure the work is done safely and efficiently. We also make provisions for hazardous chemicals, gases, expolosives, flammable materials and similiar dangerous substances that may have been stored at the demolition site. The location of utilities services — electric, gas, water, sewer and service lines ­— are determined and these utilities are shut off or capped after notifications to the utility companies.
As part of our safety measures, we determine the location of the nearest hospital, infirmary or clinic, and make sure there’s adequate means of transport to these facilities in the case of an emergency

Please call us for a copy of our Safety Program.

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